The solution for work weary skin.
A.J. Teeter Farm's Gardener's Skin Balm is made by hand by farm wife Debbie Teeter. This beeswax-based lotion bar is formulated to soothe and heal the hard-working hands of farmers, gardeners and anyone who works outside or has sensitive skin. It works wonders overnight on torn cuticles, cracked fingers and split heels, scrapes and scratches and any other form of skin discomfort.

Debbie uses a generous amount of beeswax as well as sweet almond and coconut oils and cocoa and shea butters. There are no dyes or scents added. The high beeswax content of this bar eliminates the sticky or greasy residue experienced after using similar products - indeed, Debbie has reformulated to address this specific problem. Skin is smooth to the touch after using, and problem areas are soothed. The product is a lovely golden color and smells naturally of honey and cocoa butter.

Gardener's Skin Balm bars are available from the farm for $10 each, including tax and postage.


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