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A.J. Teeter Farm raises Hereford beef cattle for direct-to-consumer sales by the half and split-half. Our cattle have access to pasture year-around, and free-choice barn shelter during the winter months. We have a Closed Herd, which means we don't buy in feeder or other stock - with the exception of bulls, for doing what nature intended. The rest of our herd consists entirely of stock born on the farm.

We send animals to slaughter at around two years of age, using a local USDA-inspected facility. We are able to specify some custom-cuts, depending on consumer preferences.

Grass-fed beef is far leaner than feedlot beef, and steaks and roasts especially require somewhat different cooking methods. These cuts are best served medium-rare to rare. Other cuts, like chuck or pot roasts, which are typically braised or stewed, can be prepared in the same ways as traditional feedlot beef.

We typically have beef for sale in the fall, but occasionally other times as well.

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